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Partners Credit & Verification Solutions is a leading technology and services provider of credit related tools for lending institutions. We offer everything needed to assist the flow of consumer loans from initial approval to loan closing.

Our comprehensive suite of offerings include
Credit reports
Credit score optimization tools
Tax and social security verifications
Verifications of employment
Verification of creditor and public record information
Quick score updates with credit bureaus
Automated valuation models for appraisals
Flood Zone Determinations
Fraud tools
Via our consumer verification portal we offer consumers secure access to 3 Verification Reports

It allows any lending professional to securely transmit information from a credit report to a borrower for review. Expanding on a derogatory only report, a borrower is provided chosen elements to review for validity and provide feedback as to the status or accuracy of each item.

Elements that may be included in the Borrower Verification Report
Unlimited tradelines (derogatory or current)
Public records

Provide credit report transparency to borrowers during a time of heavy CFPB scrutiny. Borrowers review their credit file for potential problems before rates or approvals are impacted.

Borrowers review online, so there is no printing, scanning, emailing or faxing, and our site is accessible via computer, tablet or smartphone. Feedback regarding their credit profile is input quickly and easily, and borrowers electronically sign the report when complete. Notification is then sent to the lending professional giving them quick access to the completed report. Report management is simple and allows for fast transition to further verifications or updating if necessary.

It works digitally to retrieve data directly from the source, the financial institutions. Traditional methods of requesting copies of statements from the borrower are a thing of the past, speeding up processes, and reducing the risk for fraud.

  • How it works
  • Via our platform, borrowers authorize and connect to their financial institution accounts using their computer, tablet or mobile device. Once connected, the borrower is finished and we do all of the work, retrieving only required information for the loan, and compiling for easy review.

    Optional refresh periods are available where lenders can retrieve the most recent data if existing data becomes out-of-date during the loan process, all without having to involve the borrower again.

  • Security
  • We know that protecting a person’s personal information is paramount, which is why our platform utilizes bank-level security that encrypts information input by the borrower. This means that no one ever has the ability to see this information. Additionally, all information is purged from the system when data retrieval is no longer required.

Financial Institutes
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Providing payment history data where traditional credit history is lacking, we digitally extract and deliver utility bill data for electricity, natural gas, water, waste, cable, telecom, and more.

  • How it works
  • Via our platform, borrowers authorize and connect to their utility accounts using their computer, tablet or mobile device. Once connected, we take it from there, pulling data and providing lenders with the payment history information they require to make sound lending decisions.

    Our secure platform is a one-stop shop for all utility data. Our data network spans across 4 major continents, and includes over 3,700 unique utility providers, with new providers being added regularly.

Borrowers should contact their lending professional if they have questions about the verification process or any of information being requested. Click the Support link above to contact Partners Credit & Verification Solutions regarding any technical concerns.